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Is this a flat-backed millipede? - Harpaphe haydeniana

Is this a flat-backed millipede? - Harpaphe haydeniana
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 2, 2008
Found this while out on a field trip. The only picture that I could find that looked like this was os a flat-backed millipede. Would this be correct?

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clown millipede infestation?
i am loving this website. i have learned so much! i resides in Singapore, on a landscape farmland and in recent months, these clown millipedes have infested our land and some of them has moved into the dwelling house. any advise on how to stop this infestation? i am finding hundreds of them everyday *sigh*

Harpaphe haydeniana
This would be of genus Harpaphe, likely H. haydeniana, often referred to as a Clown Millipede.

Thank you for the ID it is appreciated, thanks.