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Eastern Dobsonfly  - Corydalus cornutus - female

Eastern Dobsonfly - Corydalus cornutus - Female
Moccasin Lake, Winston, Douglas County, Georgia, USA
August 4, 2008
Size: 90 mm
I've seen these things all my life and was terrified by the appearance of them when I was a kid, but I haven't the foggiest idea what they are. If someone could help with the ID, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

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Eastern Dobsonfly  - Corydalus cornutus - female ID request - Corydalus cornutus ID request - Corydalus cornutus

How about...
female Dobsonfly here in the Guide.

Thanks Kevin
Oh yes, now I remember. I also remember that the young are called Hellgramites and they can inflict a nasty bite. My younger brother got into some of them once and they bit him, we use the Hellgramites for fishbait, but I never could bring myself to try and put one on a hook. Thanks for jogging my memory Kevin, I appreciate it.