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Buprestidae 01a - Sphenoptera jugoslavica

Buprestidae 01a - Sphenoptera jugoslavica
Near Curlew Lake, ~10 miles Northeast of Republic, Ferry County, Washington, USA
July 12, 2008
Found in the tall grass near several young Ponderosa Pines in the evening.

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Buprestidae 01a - Sphenoptera jugoslavica Buprestidae 01b - Sphenoptera jugoslavica


more probably...
Chrysobothris has dentate front femurs

Chrysobothris...? It looks l
It looks like a Chrysobothris to me, but wait for Ted or Joshua to confirm.

Can you give us a size to wor
Can you give us a size to work with? This is not an identification but, I'm thinking it might be Sphenoptera jugoslavica. It has been released in the Pacific Northwest for the biological control of Diffuse Knapweed.

Sphenoptera jugoslavica
I'm going with Sphenoptera jugoslavica also. I do have a couple specimens of these species that I'll can post if you would like and we could go from there.

There is a fair amount of Knapweed in the area and Ferry County is one of the leading areas for biocontrol of invasive weeds so I would not be surprised by this.

The size of this particular specimen was about 6mm as far as I can tell.

You right!
The elytral base is bisinuate and the eyes are too rounded: Sphenoptera seems me to be better.