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Mystery eggs - Leucochrysa insularis

Mystery eggs - Leucochrysa insularis
Pearl River Wildlife Mgmt. Area, Mississippi, USA
May 21, 2008
Any ideas? The silk stalk reminds me of lacewing, but aside from one other ID request on this site, I've not found anything like this on the internet.

Moved from Eggs.

Moved from eggs.



Interseting, did you save the
Interseting, did you save the eggs to see what hatches?

PS, I'm the one who posted the other similar set of eggs.

I did save them...
...they had already hatched.

Chrysopid, or...
Please see my comment on the images you linked to above. It's possible these are berothid eggs, but either way, they were laid by some sort of lacewing, so I'm moving these images to the suborder level for now.