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Moth - Anacampsis coverdalella

Moth - Anacampsis coverdalella
Florine, Sabine Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 11, 2008
Size: ~6mm
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Moved to what i think is species level to help clear out ID Request...

Please let me know if anybody thinks this is wrong...

I googled this many times... "black and white moth" - "black white moth" - with and without quotes... I have been looking for this since June. It was not until I gave up and put it up here that I notice the way the tail-end of this moth 'looked'. It sorta of made me think about another moth image of mine...

So I look through "Leaf Blotch Miner Moth" but then I noticed the link to "Grass Miner Moths" that I put on my other image. Some how that lead me to this..

Could this be Anacampsis coverdalella