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Mystery Beetle - Necydalis mellita - female

Mystery Beetle - Necydalis mellita - Female
Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey, USA
June 18, 2005
Size: approx. 1 inch
Found in a wooded area of a park.

Family Cerambycidae
It belongs in the family Cerambycidae, the Long Horn beetles!
As you can see there are species with very short elytra, like a rove beetle!
Gerard Pennards

Looks like Necydalis mellita--moved to guide
Neat Gerard, I would have thought that was a rove beetle. Looking at Yanega (1), it looks like Necydalis mellita shown on plate 15, figs.174a, b, descr. pp. 28-29. The pronotum is constricted, I think visible on this photo. Body very long and slender--he says it is a wasp mimic, very interesting.

Image at Florida Longhorns, and of course here. This looks like a female, according to the illustration in Yanega, and comparing the other photo in the guide, of a male.

OK, those look good, I'll go ahead and move to a guide page. Excellent photo, incidentally.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

Thanks for the ID and the com
Thanks for the ID and the compliment!

It flew slowly past me at just before sunset when the light is tricky and at first I did indeed think it was some kind of wasp.