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Catalogue of the Coleoptera of America, North of Mexico ("The Leng Catalogue")
By Charles W. Leng
John D. Sherman, Jr., Mount Vernon, NY. x + 470 pp., 1920
"The Leng Catalogue" was (and still is) an important early North American beetle catalog.

Leng, C.W. 1920. Catalogue of the Coleoptera of America, North of Mexico. John D. Sherman, Jr., Mount Vernon, NY. x + 470 pp.

The aim of this catalogue is to enumerate systematically all the species of Coleoptera described prior to January 1, 1919 which occur in America, north of Mexico, Greenland included; with consecutive numbers, synonyms, citation of original description, and an indication of distribution.


Catalogue of the beetles of Alabama
By Henry Peter Loding
Geological Survey of Alabama, Monograph 11: 1-172., 1945
Data for each species mostly restricted to County(s) and month(s) collected.

Loding, an amateur naturalist, resided in Mobile and contributed more to the study of Alabama Coleoptera than anyone else. His catalogue listed 88 families, 1,041 genera, and 2,770 species and varieties, including 259 forms of 83 genera of Chrysomelidae. His collection is presently maintained at the University of Alabama, University, Alabama.

Loding, H.P. 1945. Catalogue of the beetles of Alabama. Geological Survey of Alabama, Monograph 11: 1-172.

An illustrated descriptive catalogue of the Coleoptera or beetles (exclusive of the Rhynchophora) known to occur in Indiana.
By Blatchley, W. S.
Indianapolis,Nature Pub. Co., 1910
A useful historical work with many illustrations.
Scanned version available:

More information on the author, Willis Blatchley

Guide to insect borers in North American broadleaf trees and shrubs
By Solomon, J.D
USDA Forest Service Agriculture Handbook. 735 pp., 1995
Detailed information on wood boring moths, beetles, flies (Agromyzidae), sawflies and horntails.

"This book is an illustrated* guide to 300 species of insect borers that attack hardwood trees, shrubs, and other woody angiosperms in North America. The major purposes of this guide are to identify insect borers and their damage to provide information for controlling them."

*All illustrations are in B&W.

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Individual species treatments in Forest Pests taken from this publication.

Coleoptera or Beetles east of the Great Plains
By Edwards, J. Gordon
Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor, MI. 181 pp., 1949
Obviously the taxonomy is a bit dated, but the text has great discussions of many genera and subfamilies. I estimate roughly 500 detailed line drawings of antennae, tarsi, ventral details, etc.

"It contains an original, simplified, and completely-illustrated key for the identification of beetle families east of the Great Plains, a discussion of the appearance and habits of the various adult and larval forms, and a useful up-to-date [1949] bibliography for each family."

Lithoprinted from copy supplied by author.

Gordon, E.J. 1949. Coleoptera or Beetles east of the Great Plains. Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

The Beetles of the Pacific Northwest
By Hatch, M.
University of Washington publications in biology, Volume 16. University of Washington Press, Seattle, Washington, 1953
[1953-1971] Covers the Beetles known to occur in British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Part I provides an introduction and covers the Suborder Adephaga. Part II covers the Suborder Staphyliniformia. Part III covers the Family Pselaphidae of the Staphyliniformia, and part of the Suborder Diversicornia. Part IV covers the Palpicornes and Heteromera. Part V covers the Phytophaga, Rhynchophora, and Lamellicornes

The Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island, an Annotated Checklist
By Derek Sikes
Rhode Island Natural History Survey, 2004
Volume 3 of the Biota of Rhode Island. An important reference covering over 2000 species of beetles known to occur in our area. Fifteen page introduction, followed by checklist with scientific and common name, synonyms, abundance, and collection notes and host information for most species. Softbound, 328 pages.

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Water Beetles of South Carolina
By Janet Ciegler
Clemson University, 2003
Many (black-and-white) photographs of specimens in addition to keys, diagrams.