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Cicada nymph - Platypedia

Cicada nymph - Platypedia
Coconino National Forest, Arizona, USA
July 21, 2008
Found a few inches underground in pine-oak forest when I was digging a hole (I hadn't seen a burrow, so I don't know that this nymph was ready to emerge).

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cicada nymph
how big??

Unfortunately I didn't measure it. I remember being struck that it was substantially smaller than the septendecim nymph skins of which I saw many this spring; also I remember the friend I was traveling with remarking that he'd seen some unusually small cicada skins nearby. If I was zoomed in all the way when I took the photos of this individual (and I don't know why I wouldn't have been), then it was approximately 1 cm. I don't remember it being quite that tiny, but it's possible. I picture it being more like 15 mm. I do have a history of overestimating sizes from memory though.

I found a single example in our collection that shows the exact same color pattern - dark down the back and edging the wings - and it was associated with an adult Platypedia.

Congratulations on being the first to record this living nymph!