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Foldingdoor spider - Antrodiaetus - female

Foldingdoor spider - Antrodiaetus - Female
Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada
April 15, 2005
I found this spider in my backyard flower garden while I was diging up some dirt. It seems to fit the trap door spider description. I probably dug him up out of his happy home.

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Foldingdoor spider - Antrodiaetus - female A spider found in my garden - Antrodiaetus

Foldingdoor spider.
This is a female foldingdoor spider in the family Antrodiaetidae. It is probably Antrodiaetus pacificus, definitely in that genus anyway. They are very "primitive" spiders. Your images show nicely the "tergite," a hardened plate on her abdomen. The male has three tergites. They are the evolutionary remnants of a time when spiders had fully-segmented bodies. Neat spiders:-)

Lots of foldingdoor spiders
Thanks Eric. I took a trip into my garden tonight and found about a dozen of them peeking out of their holes at the base of an old stump. I just sat there for about 45 minutes watching little bugs walk through the area as the spiders pounced from their tunnels. There were a couple large ones but most were still medium to small. Most had their doors open, but a couple surpised me as they seem to pounce from nowhere. Fascinating stuff.

I created a guide page and moved your image there.