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Need help with ID - Anania extricalis

Need help with ID - Anania extricalis
Moccasin Lake, Winston, Douglas County, Georgia, USA
August 14, 2008
Size: about 20mm
This moth may in fact be Herbivorous Pleuroptya, or is it another Helvibotys helvialis. Notice the dark lines in this specimen are completely different from the Helvibotys helvialis. These have more of a zig zag pattern to them. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Moved from Anania.

Moved from Anania leuschneri.

Timothy Reichard has studied these species with Hugh McGuinness pretty thoroughly and believes that the absence of a hindwing am. line would make extricalis more likely. This seems supported by descriptions I could find as well as BOLD images. They feel that without the moth in hand, it is difficult to be certain.

Nice find. Is the 20mm the full wingspan? Anania extricalis, WS=~24mm, is very similar.

Moved very, very tentatively
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I found the same species as t
I found the same species as this one here in western TN and expert opinion says it's likely an Ostrinia sp. but honestly I just don't see that.

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Not an ID
just wanted to add the idea of Hahncappsia for consideration?

Thank you
Thanks John, I'll look into it.

John, you took the words out of my keyboard
I had the image tagged and hadn't seen your post. I was about to say
Hahncappsia mancalis - Hodges#4967 (Hahncappsia mancalis)

I was thinking
maybe one of the others. All of the images for mancalis seem to have pretty smooth lines while this one is pretty "jagged". I also have no idea of range data. Pergilvalis or neobliteralis seem closer (to me), but for all I know it may be Achyra occidentalis!

Thank you also
Thank you too Nina, I try to look at them and come up with a sound name, but on some it gets really confusing.

wait until you get an expert ID, or at least some agreement before moving to a species page. Just a couple of people saying "hey, what about this one" "hey, what about that one" isn't an ID.