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Earwig - Vostox brunneipennis - male

Earwig - Vostox brunneipennis - Male
Moccasin Lake, Winston, Douglas County, Georgia, USA
August 16, 2008
Size: about 20mm
This earwig was running across the outside wall below a light. He had his rear-end pincers held in an upward posture (defense???). Any help with ID would be appreciated.

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Earwig - Vostox brunneipennis - male Earwig - Vostox brunneipennis - male

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this is one nice male earwig, not yet in the Guide
a Vostox? must be IDable

Thank you
Thank you very much for the compliment. Now how do we get it in Guide? I'm new at this.

and i'm just a commenting bystander --
--ask an experienced image contributor or an editor

An experienced image contributor speaks...
With a quality photo like this, if you simply leave your post here, some editor will eventually put it in its place. Better yet, save the editor some work and move the image yourself.

Were this my post, I'd leave it here a couple days, then move it. To make the move, click on tag. (Actually, tag all since you have multiple images.) Now go to where the post belongs - I'll provide a link below - and click on move tagged images. That's all.

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Here's your link; note that it takes you into the Image section of the relevant insect pages.

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If - hopefully - this is a new species for Bug Guide, a new page will be created. You can request that page in a forum.

Thank you
Thanks Ron, I appreciate the help. I'll take your advice and leave it here for a few days.