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Backswimmer - Notonecta

Backswimmer - Notonecta
Norwottuck Rail Trail, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
June 21, 2004
Size: ~9 mm
Captured, photographed and released. I used a trading-card container to hold the bug while I shot it. The container's small size allows you to shot the critter no matter where it happens to pause.

This could be an immature Buenoa sp.. You'll note the light-colored scutellum, a key feature in distinguishing it from the genus Notonecta. (Arnett, p. 280 (1)). But I am not sure how radically a nymph would change color-wise before adulthood, leaving me to wonder.

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Backswimmer - Notonecta Backswimmer - Notonecta

Moved from Notonecta.

Notonecta nymph.
I concur with the compliments on the images! This is a nymph of a Notonecta species. Buenoa are that size when they are adults, and are much more slender.

Thanks Eric,
...and Stephen:)

Neat photo and technique
Neat photo and a great technique!


Stephen Cresswell
Buckhannon, WV