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tiny helmet rove - Myllaena

tiny helmet rove - Myllaena
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 12, 2008
Size: ~2.2mm
haven't noticed these tiny ones before at the blacklight. IDs welcome :)

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tiny helmet rove - Myllaena tiny helmet rove - Myllaena

Moved - Thanks everyone
Moved from Rove Beetles.

I concur with Myllaena

looks like what used to be Conosoma

This is not Sepedo*philus but an Aleocharine
I don't have a good idea of the habitus of most genera so I can't be sure, it looks like Myll*aena though. Sepedo*philus (used to be Cono*soma) does not have distinct paratergites (which create grooves along each tergite, which are evident here). Perhaps someone who has had more time with this subfamily can comment?


Thanks for correcting me!
getting rusty :-[