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Black Click

Black Click
Hannagan Meadow, Greenlee County, Arizona, USA
August 15, 2008
Size: ~7mm
Have no idea other than I think it's a click beetle. Can someone ID?

Moved from Athoinae.

Moved from Click Beetles.

Ahh -
Mercy all - or is it merci!

Mercy vs. merci
This bilingual pun was intentional and a very good one. I love it.

oh man
I'm a bit dense, that was a great pun :-)

It's 'merci' I started this b
It's 'merci' I started this by saying "Not me, my friend"

sorry, Bob, -- Will started it --
--i thought you communicate in French routinely... really... i was mislead, apparently.
So, the bottomline is, Athoinae, perhaps Athous (good chances are...)

Oh man... that's too funny! My French is atrocious these days, I could only follow a bit of your reply! I wish I could speak it better, as there are some useful Bup papers and keys in French, like the Acmaeodera key.

Alors, qu'est que nous avons ici-bas?
peut e^tre un Athous... quelconque... mais pas forcément... Athoinae suffira pour le moment en tant que l'ID

lets try:
Could be a Athous, something[?], but not for sure... Athoinae will due for the moment in lieu of an ID...

Is that close?

pretty much :)
"...kinda... not necessarily though... Athoinae will do, &c"

I'm not educated enough to understand: Greek, Swedish???

Pas moi, mon ami. Clicks I ca
Pas moi, mon ami. Clicks I can key but not much else.