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family? - Telmatophilus americanus

family? - Telmatophilus americanus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 12, 2008
Size: ~2.8mm
can someone help me get started with an ID on this one (even just the family)? Thanks!

came to UV light

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family? - Telmatophilus americanus family? - Telmatophilus americanus family? - Telmatophilus americanus

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sweet... Cryptophagidae
can't see enough tarsal detail & my memory is rusty & my familiarity with New World fauna is poor & dog ate my homework &c
but could be a Telmatophilus. Where did you find it?

You're amazing! Yes, this keys easily to Telmatophilus based on the lobed tarsi (just posted image that attempts to show at least the suggestion of the lobes). And from Downie and Arnett, there is only one species in the northeast, T. americanus LeConte, seen here from the MCZ. D&A states "frequent on leaves and flowers of semiaquatic arrow-arum, Peltandra virginica." I have no idea if any of that is close-by, but I found this one the same place I find all my beetles - in my backyard at the UV light. I'm still overwhelmed with IDing just what's outside the backdoor, so why go any farther afield? :) Still, I envy some of the "regulars" you get at your porch light, like this one . Maybe someday!

PS: worse, I now see that I previously posted this species from one collected last year, so I guess my dog ate my memory :(

the family in which this creature resides?