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Squash Bug - Anasa tristis

Squash Bug - Anasa tristis
Deville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
August 17, 2008
I would assume Anasa tristis. Found a cluster of these on a squash plant. My smallest nymph looks different from any others on BugGuide.

I will link these for now. If anybody feels they should be unlinked please let me know. I just wanted to show all stages together. I can just include thumbnails if linking is a bad idea.

Below are some images of nymphs found under the same leaf as the adult:

I would definitely use [thumb:#] instead of linking as same individual, which they are not (it is mentioned in Do's and Don'ts and a couple of other places). Did you finally get a confirmation? It would be nice to be sure.

Thanks Beatriz.
I fixed the link/thumbnail issue. All images now have thumbnails of all the other images rather than the linked images.

As stated when I posted these, I wasn't sure of the ID and the smallest nymph looked different than others on BugGuide. I moved them from ID Request because there were a lot of images there in August. Maybe I moved them too soon. As of today, I still haven't received a confirmation ID and the smallest nymph still looks different...

Any suggestion? Should I move all images up to Genus, move just the smallest nymph up or just leave them here?

Thanks again for your input :)

I wish I knew more
Perhaps it is safe to keep them here, all but the one that looks so different (there is a section for unidentified nymphs). Maybe somebody with more knowledge will come along and give us a hand.

I moved these to the guide to help clear out the ID Request section. Please let me know if anybody feels these don't belong here.