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Barklouse - Aaroniella

Barklouse - Aaroniella
Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA
August 21, 2008
Size: ~2 mm
Found several of these clustered under webbing on a small red maple snag in a swamp.

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Barklouse - Aaroniella Barklouse - Aaroniella

Moved from Barklice and Booklice.

Thanks! Glad I didn't spend time going through all the Psocoptera pics, since I wouldn't have found it. I'm afraid I don't have a specimen, so we'll have to settle for genus on this one.

Aaroniella sp. (Philotarsidae)
Ed Mockford det.
i quote his message, just received: "The psocid in the photo is Aaroniella sp. (Family Philotarsidae). There are 2 species in eastern North America north of the Gulf States, but from your photo--although it is a very good one--I can't tell which species it is. I suspect it is A. badonneli (Danks), a species first described from Georgia on the Black Sea coast, but widely distributed in southeastern US. It seems to show a tendency to spread northward during years with mild winters and get knocked back southward by a severe winter. The other possibility is A. maculosa (Aaron), but I think that species would look somewhat paler. If you have preserved a specimen, check the thoracic pleural region. If that region is solid dark brown, it is maculosa, but if it is kind of variegated in color, it is badonneli."