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Moth ID - Menesta tortriciformella

Moth ID - Menesta tortriciformella
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
August 22, 2008
Size: ~5mm (head to wingtip)
Moth is kind of worn, but I hope it can be ID'ed. I twirls around in circles before it takes off. Found in a bamboo thicket.

Menesta tortriciformella - and another beautiful photo! (I know Bob @ MPG would love to use this)

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John, J.D.
Thanks for the ID! Ohhh I wish I was able to get that image of another one of these moths I found in the same area, but it got away from me. I was lucky to get an image of this one. I will keep searching for a fresh specimen!!

Your specimen here is actually quite fresh. It's a stunning example of this species.

This moth....
Was found in a part of a larger bamboo thicket which had been sprayed with herbicide. I think I was very lucky to find it and already there are new bamboo plants growing where the old bamboo had died. I hope this area will be left undisturbed in the future, but one never knows.

It's really a treat when you see one of these little gems! I lost sight of it quickly after it took off.

moved to Moths. J.D. has been doing a lot of work in here, and we probably have a better chance at a confirmation.

Could this be...
Menesta melanella? Hodges #1031

Also consider something like this