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Is this fly attacking another fly? - Coenosia tigrina

Is this fly attacking another fly? - Coenosia tigrina
Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, USA
August 24, 2008
Just wondering if this common among flies?

Moved from Tiger Flies.

Moved from Flies.

Moving -
to Diptera for now. Not sure where we should put this image - perhaps under tiger flies?

Through your guidance,
I've moved this to the Tiger flies page. Thanks!

Probably best if Patricia decides.
But I'm with you, Ken, on tiger flies.

It happens
I can't say what's happening in your picture, but I saw a fly eating a midge last fall:

Robber Flies (much bigger than yours) are predators of smaller insects.

for your input, John.

Tiger fly, in your case, and I think the other one too...
eats other flies. The tigers in a nearby pond perch on reeds - looking much like tiny robber flies - and pounce on smaller guys like this long-legged fly.

Tiger fly and long-legged fly
Thanks, Ron, for the additional info.