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Orb weaver - Eriophora edax

Orb weaver - Eriophora edax
La Jolla, San Diego County, California, USA
August 30, 2008
Size: body was about 1/2"
I took a photo of this orb weaver just before midnight while I was out for a walk. Could anyone tell me what species of spider it is?

Moved from Araneus gemma.

Compare to .

Exact shape of the abdomen looks like Eriophora. I do not see any evidence of Araneus humps, which are visible on the previously linked A. gemma photos.

I also see the posterior nodule/hump on the tip of the abdomen.

John and Jane...
I'm struggling with this one. What do we think of Eriophora?

I know we have Eriophora edax around this area, but they don't seem to resemble this one, and I'm not sure if we have any other Eriophora...

Could it be that this is just an immature specimen of A. gemma? It really bears a striking resemblance to the one on this page (the fifth image down on the left):

Pointed abdomen
You are right. If that image is correct it certainly is a perfect match. Immature gemma. I wish we had a ventral view. :)

Pointed abdomen on both sides. Not sure if this is gemma?

With that bright white line
running the length of the abdomen, we would suggest Araneus gemma. Let's see what Lynette says.