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Odd-Looking Fly - Saropogon mohawki

Odd-Looking Fly - Saropogon mohawki
Vekol Valley, Sonoran Desert National Monument, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
August 16, 2008
Size: 7 mm
Hopefully someone will recognize this one.

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Odd-Looking Fly - Saropogon mohawki Odd-Looking Fly - Saropogon mohawki

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Pretty nice
And at 7mm it eliminates all the Diogmites, unless there is a midget species I don't know. Likely the related Saropogon genus and I can't say what species. There are a couple of other genera in the Dasypogoninae subfamily that I have not seen in AZ. I will have Dr. Fisher take a look at this one.

This is Saropogon mohawki.
This is Saropogon mohawki.

Thank you Dr. Fisher for the id. Bugguide has become quite a valuable resource for general naturalists to connect with taxonomic expertise.

Size Estimate
I did not collect this insect (Nat Park). The size is an estimate - certainly the specimen was less than 10 mm. Down-turned abdomen suggests that a pinned specimen would be longer.

Family = Empididae, but I can't help more with this family...

What Pierre-Marc really meant:-)
Family is Asilidae, but we knew that is what he meant anyway. Striking fly, looks related to Diogmites, but not willing to commit to genus level.