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BugGuide Gathering in Idaho 2024?

This year has proven to be difficult for me to successfully coordinate an event. With that said, I would like to know who would be interested in a BugGuide Gathering NEXT year (2024) in Kootenai County Idaho which is near the Couer D'Alene Reservation and Idaho Panhandle National Forests. There are only 3 lep records here at BugGuide for that county - 1 moth, 1 butterfly, 1 skipper, beetles faired a little better with a whopping 10 reports. That county seems to be under-reported, yet there are some interesting habitats. Couer D'Alene is less than 40 miles from Spokane, WA.

iNaturalist link for project page
It includes all insects observed in Kootenai and Benewah counties July 24, 25, 26 and 27.

Hi all. I am just seeing this post, but myself and a few others working in entomology in the CDA area would love to come to this event! is it still open to register?

The registration link is still active, but I am not sure if the discounted BG rate at the Casino is still available to late comers.

unable to contact
I sent the pre-event information via e-mail, but the information was undeliverable to one of our registered participants. If you have registered for Whitney Stephen, please provide me with an updated e-mail address so that I can forward the event information to you.

Places to camp?
I registered and will be working The Gathering into a road trip, camping along the way. What might be a good place nearby to van camp? Thank you!

Camping at Casino
I'll be parking my camper van at the casino, $20 per night. Made reservations there a while ago, the hotel/casino staff were great to work with.

Here's the link:

The only camping that I know of on the reservation is at the RV camping site on the Coeur d'Alene casino and hotel 1-800-523-2464. There are some camping sites listed online around Coeur d'Alene Lake that are off site but nearby, and I am aware of some remote areas of the McCroskey State Park that offer tent camping but reservations are required.

I hope this helps.

this travel is just not feasible for me this year. I hope to meet y'all at a gathering in the future!

July 24 dinner
FYI, I have reserved a room for us to share in dinner the first night before we head out to the moth sheets. We will be dining at the Red Tail, a restaurant at the Casino at 7 pm before we head out to the moth sheets. The menu has been provided to me and I will attach a copy of that menu with the e-mail I will be distributing in a couple of weeks along with other pertinent details and maps to everyone who has registered for the BugGuide Gathering this year. I hope that all BG Gathering participants will join us in the Red Tail July 24th for introductions and discussions of expectations and plans for the event.

Sad Canadian
It is looking like an important work event is going to keep me away from this year's gathering, and no one can cover me. Right on the 24th! I will see if i can find out by mid June.

I will have to look forward to a future year's event. Have fun!

For all who have expressed an interest in attending this year's gathering, please register using the Registration link found in the BG site Calendar. Registration and blocked hotel rooms will close mid-June.

First time
Hey, I am looking to attend this year, which would be my first time going to any gathering like this! I'd love to be involved as much as possible, which requires meeting some people.

I'm an ichthyologist from New Jersey that has a huge soft spot for bugs. If anyone wants to coordinate in advance/can share any extra information about plans please shoot me an email @ and we can get in contact via text or whatever works.

Date Range
Hello all! I'm trying to plan out how many days I would need for this trip. A few questions:
How will we contact each other once there? Is the night of the 24th the first time we'll be gathering or are we meeting earlier? Any word on the NCA campus inventory yet? Sorry, I'm new to these so I'm trying to get a feel for how things work.

details to follow
The tentative plan is to inventory near and around the casino/hotel July 24th, the first day and night. Participants are arriving at different intervals. I am working on the special permits for nocturnal activities at both McCroskey State Park for July 26th and Indian Cliffs (Heyburn State Park) July 27th. With the help of my liaison with the tribe, we have identified a wildlife mitigation property along Benewah Creek for our activities, both day and night, July 25th. I have not planned beyond identifying good sites to explore. Ideally, I would like that we have an opportunity to gather each evening for a meal at one of the Casino restaurants to coordinate car-pooling and site recon plans. It is important that participants do not wander alone to these sites. I welcome input from everyone, this is OUR gathering. MY contribution to the gathering is the permits-permissions, and enough rooms available for those who need them. I will share my phone number with everyone who has registered before the event.

Attention Moth-ers...
I'll be involved in a couple National Moth Week Events in the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene areas, 20-28 May 2024. I'd like to visit with BG moth-ers during the annual gathering. More about dates and times later.

Carl Barrentine
Spokane, Washington

I'm interested
and would love to have this be my first BG gathering! Still unsure whether I can commit, but I hope to know well before that due date.

tentative localities
I have a tentative plan for the Gathering that I have shared with the Resource Director. He is working with individuals to help us to realize a multifaceted experience. At this point these are the requests that I have made. July 24th, first night, we will find a location close to the casino and RV area but away from ambient light; my thought is that people are arriving at different times, this way the first night will be close by. The 25th will be exploration of Indian Cliffs and Chatcolet Bridge Lookout, hoping to identify a location in that region to set up for nocturnal sheeting. Also, tentatively, I have inquired about Benewah Creek Rd, Parker Pass, and the Benewah Community Center. July 26th will be exploration of Mary McCroskey State Park. I am working with Idaho Parks and Recreation to obtain a special permit for nocturnal sheeting at the park, after park hours. For the last day, I have reached out to the Natural Connections Academy for permission to inventory their campus, no word yet. I am confident, however, that in working with the tribe, we will find suitable habitats to explore. Our presence and mission is welcomed by all with whom I have spoken.

I'm interested
I have family in Pinehurst, so I may not need lodging.

Count me in!
This sounds great!!

Marcia Morris: For purposes
Marcia Morris: For purposes of making travel arrangements, what is planned for 7-27-24, the last day of the gathering? Attending light setups until midnight? Group Dinner followed by group efforts late into the night to ID finding.? Nothing: everybody quietly slips away that day, hopefully after sleeping in to recover from the previous night’s light setup attendance? Other? Thanks for all your work on this !

There will be night sheeting every night, including the final night. The localities have not yet been determined by the tribal resource director and myself. That information will be provided in coming months. I suspect that we will meet as a group for dinner at least once, maybe twice or every night if that suits the group, and that final night might be a good night to plan to dine together and compare observations. As you may remember, the BG Gatherings are informal and do not follow a prescribed program. Stay tuned for details as they become available. FYI, I will be traveling outside of the US until mid April. I will be able to concentrate on the details when I return.

Idaho Gathering
I’m interested! Not yet 100% sure I can make it, but working on it. Will anyone else be attending in their camper van or RV? Looks like a nice setup for that, at the hotel.

The gathering
I plan to come, it sounds like a great location and I know the folks are excellent, too

Museum Tours
Hi all, I'm an entomology grad student at Washington State University, about an hour and a half from the hotel ya'll are staying at. I'm associated with the entomology museum at WSU, and good friends with the curator at the University of Idaho museum.

Would there be interest in a trip to the Pullman/Moscow area to see the universities museums? It would probably take up more than half a day to go see the museums. (~3 hours driving, ~2 hours in the museums, lunch) Both museums are more research based and don't so much have displays to look at, but we could see the specimens and hold some live bugs.

If there's interest I'm happy to organize.



Definitely interested.

I'm very interested! Nothing better than a nice drawer of beetles, except more drawers!

Wednesday might be a good day.

An entomologist I know at Cornell University told me that in New York, I need a license to collect. Just making sure ahead of time, will collecting be allowed?

read comment below
This has been covered in a previous post I entered. Please read the comment below regarding our responsibility with our presence on tribal lands. The tribe understands that not all identification can be made by photograph only.

Moth bait
Is anyone willing to whip up some moth bait (the stinky, fermented type) and bring it to Idaho?

I'm willing
I'm willing to make this, but would need instructions. I'll be coming up from WSU - Pullman for at least the first night.

moth bait
moth bait

This can be modified for amount, a full bucket of goo is wasteful, but the recipe will give you an idea of the ratio of ingredients.

bait trail
The article references a "trap" but years ago I took such a mixture and with a paint brush applied it to tree trunks along a trail. Then came back after dark with a red headlight (so as to not startle the moths) and observed many underwings and other moths on the bait trees.

The mixture can also be "painted" in trees at the perimeter of the lights. The recipe is the main point of that link.

Room sharing
Hi everyone!

I really want to come to the Bugguide meetup but I'm trying to travel on a budget, would anyone be interested in sharing a room to cut down on costs?


You can share a room with me Jackson. When I called the hotel and made reservations for myself, they said it had two beds anyway. John

Did you already book the room? I can venmo/paypal you to cover my end or pay you when I get there. If you want to email about this my email is

I sent you an email.

hotel shuttle
I have some information to pass along about a shuttle being offered from the Spokane airport to the Mountain Lodge Hotel where we will be staying on the reservation. The cost is $75 each way. There is some thought that perhaps if enough people arrive at the same time a shared shuttle with a discounted rate may be arranged. This may be more economical than renting a car, however, we need to make sure that there are sufficient spots in cars to transport people who arrive via shuttle to activities. The other possibility is for people arriving to Spokane share a rental car expense and have the transportation available for activities on the reservation. At any rate, these are discussions that can be made in this conversation thread. I have one seat in my car, I will be driving from Virginia, but will have the back seat collapsed to accommodate equipment.

Re: Shuttle
I'm interested in the shuttle, as well.

Re: Shuttle
FYI - The arrangement for the shuttle should be made directly with the Hotel after determining times of arrivals with anyone interested. You may find that booking the shuttle individually will be the best option. Registration for our event ends mid-June, plenty of time to address shuttle reservations.

Re: shuttle arrangements
Sounds good. Thanks, Marcia.

Count me in for the hotel shuttle.

Registration for the BugGuide Gathering is now open, there is a link in the Calendar tab on the home page. Please use that link so that I can keep track of the number of participants who have reserved their rooms at the Tribal Hotel/Casino. There is a 10-room minimum for us to receive our discount! I will begin work with the tribe's natural resource director in a couple of months to locate and designate suitable localities on the tribal lands for nocturnal and daylight activities. Please give me ideas in the comment section of the registration form as to what type of habitat is of most interest to you. Hope to see you all in July!

2024 Idaho Gathering
Hi Marcia,

Looks like you've put together a very nice gathering, Marcia. Count us in. We'll be driving out from Bellevue, NE.

We'll be bringing a bucket trap. We've had some interesting experiences with sheets and wind. Do you have any idea how many generators there will be?

Thanks for all your work!
Loren and Babs Padelford
Bellevue, NE

Looking forward
I look forward to seeing you. I am bringing a 2000W portable power station, plenty of power to run the 2-175W mercury vapor bulbs and 2-40W black lights required by my set-up, with a little to spare. Should there be demand for another generator, I do have a gas powered 2000W generator that I can bring along. I am interested to know what equipment other participants plan to bring.

I'm also going to attempt to bring/ship a light bucket trap - 12v battery powered, and possibly a timer. I'm willing to share any moth "by-catch" with interested parties, and would ask for same with any unwanted beetles.

And I'll purchase supplies for some pit-fall traps upon arrival.

I'll get to Spokane on Saturday and can try to prepare a gallon of fermented sugar bait (favorite recipes welcome!), which I'll use in a hanging beetle trap. But any extra can go for moths - as a boy I seem to recall "painting trees" on a trail to get Underwings and such, but eager to see other uses.

moth bait

This can be modified for amount, a full bucket of goo is wasteful, but the recipe will give you an idea of the ratio of ingredients. You probably do not have time to put this together, the mix of liquids takes about 3 weeks to ferment. I have provided one of our guests who lives in the state of Washington with this recipe, too. Hopefully a person who lives closer to the event who is driving in will have time to put this together.

Info on lodging
FYI-a block of 20 rooms has been set aside for BugGuide Gathering at the Couer D'Alene Casino Resort, the Mountain Lodge Hotel. Each participant will reserve their space by calling 800-523-2464 and mentioning either BugGuide Gathering or booking ID 11855. The rate is $110.46 per night for July 24th and 25th and $127.46 per night for July 26th and 27th. In order to retain these discount rates, 10 rooms must be booked. These rates are very competitive with venues farther away from tribal lands for this time of year, Idaho's peak tourist season. Also, there are restaurant options on site. The deadline for booking is June 20, 2024. We, as a group, have agreed to conduct ourselves in cooperation with the tribe to their benefit. Please make your reservations here as we are a group of visitors to their tribal lands. In coming weeks, I will work with John to establish a registration link.

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