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Dancing fly with nuptial gift - Empis snoddyi - male

Dancing fly with nuptial gift - Empis snoddyi - Male
Piedmont County, North Carolina, USA
June 25, 2005
Size: small midge-like insect
Image taken by a coworker here at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. She witnessed a swarm of small flies, some of which carried these small sacs. Eric at identified this as a member of the family Empididae. He suggested we submit this pic for your files. Any additional information is appreciated.

Hi Mike, This is a fabulou
Hi Mike,

This is a fabulous image. I'd be super-interested in using it in an upcoming TEDx talk (ie. nonommercial reuse), talking about insect mating systems - these balloon flies are an awesome example. Would it be possible to ask Mary if this would be OK and, if so, how she'd like to be credited?

Many thanks!

James Gilbert, University of Sussex, UK

Moved from Dance Flies.

balloon fly!
This is Empis (Enoplempis) snoddyi

What a nuptial gift!
Moved it to guide. See the comments on nuptial gifts under image #21605. We are all learning here. Don't forget to goggle it. I learned a lot that way.

Credit for photo
The photographers name is Mary Ann Brittain. She is Director of an outdoor education facility called Prairie Ridge, part of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC.

That is just amazing. I can't believe how big that balloon is! Thank you so much for posting this. We should probably have your colleague's name so we can attach proper credit.