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Fly - Villa hypomelas

Fly - Villa hypomelas
Hammond, Ontario, Canada
August 4, 2008
Size: 1 cm or so
I watched this fly as she(?) walked around our patio area, rubbing her behind into any sandy areas she could find, including around ant nests. I'm assuming this is a common species, because I started seeing more and more of them as the month progressed, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what she is. :)

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Fly - Villa hypomelas Fly - Villa hypomelas

Villa hypomelas
This is V. hypomelas. The hair on tergite 4 is entirely black, which distinguishes this from the similar V. nigropecta.

to everyone for the ID. :)

This is one of the pretty, northern species of Villa (Bombyliidae). I haven't got a name for you right now, but these northern and montane Villa are easier to place to species than the southern ones.

thats some good mimicry!

it's amazing. :)