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Moth and other insects during National Moth Week July 22-30, 2023

We at Allen Acres, Pitkin, La will have our 15 250 watt mercury vapor lights over sheets on during National Moth Week (July 22-30, 2023) and all are invited. WE have recorded almost 1000 moths species and more than 500 other insect species including a number of long horn beetles. Hope to also have a butterfly count one of the days and some local fieldtrips during the days. WE do have a B and B ( but you are welcome to participate from other locations. Dr. Charles Allen and 337-328-2252. Let us know if you are planning to participate and when and also any questions?

me too!
I'm in.

Count me in
Ready for bugs, good company and great food, just like the last two times at Allen Acres!

planning on it
I'm planning to attend for a few days/nights (Beetle guy attracted to the moth lights ;)

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That's with an "s".