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Ladybird - Chilocorus cacti

Ladybird - Chilocorus cacti
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
September 7, 2008
I think this is Chilocorus stigma but I would like to get some back-up please. Thanks in advance.

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Ladybird - Chilocorus cacti Ladybird - Chilocorus cacti

Chilocorus, yes
i'm not so sure about sp.; in fact, i don't believe it's Ch.stigma

not stigma
based on the ventral image showing at least meta and mesosternum as red vice black, this can not be C. stigma (see "key" on Chilocorus info page) Suggest this is likely C. cacti, which seems to have a bit wider distro than recoreded in Gordon(1).

Thanks for your help!
Sorry I didn't get better shots but this one flew off after these two shots.

My wife spotted this one on the window of our vehicle as we stopped at a red light. I just happened to have a toy from a Sonic kids meal that was a 'designed' to hold insects. Got one picture as it crawled upside down then I opened the container as snapped the second image right before it took off...