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Olethreutine Moths of the Midwestern United States, An Identification Guide
By Gilligan, Todd M., Donald J. Wright, and Loran D. Gibson
Ohio Biological Survey, P.O. Box 21370, Columbus, Ohio 43221-0370, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-86727-160-7
Cite: 223513 with citation markup [cite:223513]
A very useful book for those interested in Olethreutine moths. Covers 306 species with color photos of adults, life history information, flight periods, distribution, and microphotos of male and female genitalia. Many of the included species occur in a wider area than the midwestern states.

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Gilligan, T.M., D.J. Wright & L.D. Gibson. 2008. Olethreutine moths of the midwestern United States: an identification guide. Ohio Biological Survey, Columbus, OH. 334 pp.