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moth - Eacles imperialis

moth - Eacles imperialis
Pinellas County, Florida, USA
September 12, 2008
Size: 2 inches
ID please?

Found on a convenience store building under a light.

Imperial Moth
see guide. Nice specimen! Only 2" wingspan? That's very small for these guys.

Thanks Hannah
I meant his body was aboot (I spelled that Canadian for you) 2" long. His wings were probably 5 or so inches.
Thanks again!

Best to indicate what you're measuring : )
For other insects and spiders, body length is the normal measurement (but new visitors to this site always seem to include spider legs - it makes them scarier, I guess). For moths wingspan is often used, but depending on how the wings are held, it can be almost exactly body length x 2, or very different. I usually write "head to wingtip" or "wingspan" on lep measurements for that reason.