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Arenivaga bolliana (Saussure) - Arenivaga bolliana - male

Arenivaga bolliana (Saussure) - Arenivaga bolliana - Male
Village of San Leanna (south Austin), Travis County, Texas, USA
September 13, 2008
Det. R. Biagi, 2016

shot at lights in a small mesic patch under oaks, willows, and pecan.

Moved from Arenivaga.

Boll's Sandroach
Mike, you may want to double check the new key, but I think that he is most likely this one: (distinct pronotum coloration)(common in your area)
Arenivaga bolliana: ♂ What do you think? ...OK, I see that you already found one:

Moved from Wood Cockroaches.

Not Parcoblatta.
Different family even. Genus is Arenivaga.