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Species Diogmites angustipennis

Beckemeyer R.J. (2001) Asilidae Page

Lavers N. (2007) The robber flies of Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas: An illustrated field guide
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Dikow T. (2004–2012) AsilidaeData -- web-site version 2
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Information on robber flies, compiled by F. Geller-Grimm

California Robber Flies
List of 386 spp. based on prediction from(1)

The Laphriini Pages
Discussion and keys to North American Laphriini, which includes the notable bumblebee mimics in the genus Laphria.

Herschel Raney's Random Natural Acts: Robber Flies
Information and photographs for the robber flies of Arkansas.

Giff Beaton's Robber Flies (Asilidae) of Georgia and the Southeast
Many photos and a Georgia Checklist.