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Advice for pinning a tarantula with a tiny deflated abdomen?

My coworker's male pink-toed tarantula recently passed from old age and she asked if I would pin him and make a display for her. I jumped at the opportunity, however when receiving her late pet I noticed some concerns. He is quite tiny and his abdomen is about the size of a raisin and is deflated. usually, when pinning tarantulas I would cut open the abdomen, pull out the insides and stuff it; however, with this specimen, I'm not quite sure what to do with the state of the abdomen. I think that my coworker's pet was dehydrated, and I'm going to have a conversation with her about the conditions of her enclosures. Despite this, I want to make sure I do a decent job pinning him for her, so any advice on what to do regarding the abdomen would be great!

Solvent soaks
I treated the following tarantula to preserve its life-like appearance by soaking it for 3 weeks each in denatured alcohol then acetone, then allowing it to dry:

This procedure dissolves all the internal fat, which might leach out and stain the specimen, and stiffens the integument sufficiently to avoid abdomen shrivel. It sounds like, though, the latter already happened in life.

Solvent Soak
Hello Edward, thank you for posting this information. What kind of container did you soak the tarantula in? Also how long with denatured alcohol and acetone- equal time?
My daughter's pet curly hair has been in the freezer a little over a week as she decides how to preserve him. Will this effect the process?