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Species Brasiella wickhami - Sonoran Tiger Beetle

Checklist of the Tiger Beetles of the World, 2nd Edition
By Jürgen Wiesner
Winterwork, Borsdorf, 2020
Summary: The first edition of the “Checklist” was published in 1992 and recognized 1923 species of tiger beetles. The species were treated as a family with two subfamilies and several tribes and subtribes. This second edition follows Bouchard et al. 2011 and Duran and Gough 2020 with seven tribes and several subtribes. The tiger beetles are again treated as family, following the results of Lopez-Lopez and Vogler, 2017, and Gough et al., 2020. In these last 25 years 974 new tiger beetle species have been described or re-established, raising the species number of this “Checklist” to 2897. Contents of the book include the geographical range of each species, the complete synonymies, an extensive bibliography, and comprehensive indexes.

Tiger Beetles of Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Michigan
By Brust, Mathew [photos by Mike Reese]
Kollath+Stensaas Publishing, 2020
This richly illustrated identification guide to all 21 species also treats much of their biology and collection methods. Additional information about the book, author, and ordering are available here.

Studies on the morphology, taxonomy, and ecology of the larvae of Holarctic tiger-beetles (family Cicindelidae)
By Hamilton, Clyde Carney
Proc. U.S. National Mus. 65: 1-87, 1925
Older reference, but contains useful illustrations (by the author), descriptions, and keys to larval tiger beetles. Full-text links:

- (BHL)

Biographical information on the author:

Clyde Carney Hamilton 1890–1959
Robert S. Filmer
Journal of Economic Entomology, Volume 53, Issue 6, 1 December 1960, Page 1142,

Book Review: A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the US & Canada: Identification, Natural History, and Distribution (2nd Ed.)
By Jackson, M.
The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(3): 530-531., 2017

Jackson, M. 2017. Book Review: A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada: Identification, Natural History, and Distribution of the Cicindelinae (Second Edition). The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(3): 530-531.

"Unfortunately, I have also found that some of the new additions feel unnecessary, and to make matters worse, that the authors have chosen a new and unsupported taxonomy that threatens to invalidate this second edition before it leaves the shelf."

A field guide to the tiger beetles of the United States and Canada: identification, natural history, and distribution... 2nd Ed.
By Pearson D.L., Knisley C.B., Duran D.P., Kazilek C.J.
Oxford University Press. 328 pp., 2015
Full title: A field guide to the tiger beetles of the United States and Canada: identification, natural history, and distribution of the Cicindelinae. 2nd Ed.

Taxonomy of the Cicindelini massively updated since the 1st edition(1)

Catalogue of the tiger beetles of Canada and the United States
By Richard Freitag, 1999
National Research Council Canada, 1999

Northeastern Tiger Beetles: A Field Guide to Tiger Beetles of New England and Eastern Canada
By Jonathan G. Leonard, Ross T. Bell
CRC Press, 1998

A Field Guide To The Tiger Beetles Of The United States And Canada
By David Pearson, C. Barry Knisley, Charles J. Kazilek, David L. Pearson, Barry C. Knisley
Oxford University Press, 2005
Subtitled: Identification, Natural History, And Distribution Of The Cicindelidae