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An exotic endomychid - Trochoideus desjardinsi - male

An exotic endomychid - Trochoideus desjardinsi - Male
Homestead, Dade County, Florida, USA
Size: 4 mm
Trochoideus desjardinsi, an Asian termitophilus or myrmecophilus endomychid established in South Florida.

is the host/hosts known?

Did you mean insect associate or fungus?
Because it's described as a termitophile *or* myrmecophile my guess is the insect association is unknown. Assuming it is a fungivore, it might very well be a fungus cultivated by ants. Are any termites known to farm fungi?

No basal pronotal furrows
like all the nearctic ones seem to have.

in fact, quite a few NA genera have none

We'll have to get some on bugguide then

i'm in awe
Michael, could you please take a look at a FL weevil here? seems quite distinct to me. Thnx!

It is awsome
On the weevil, offhand I think you're probably right but I'll have to check specimens Monday.