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Subfamily Entiminae - Broad-nosed Weevils

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Curculionoidea - Snout and Bark Beetles
Family Curculionidae - Snout and Bark Beetles
Subfamily Entiminae - Broad-nosed Weevils

Tribe Agraphini
Genus Paragraphus
Species setosus - Paragraphus setosus
Genus Agraphus
Species bellicus - Agraphus bellicus
Tribe Alophini
Genus Lepidophorus
Species lineaticollis - Lepidophorus lineaticollis
Species inquinatus - Lepidophorus inquinatus
Genus Plinthodes
Species taeniatus - Plinthodes taeniatus
Genus Trichalophus
Species alternatus - Trichalophus alternatus
Species brunneus - Trichalophus brunneus
Species didymus - Trichalophus didymus
Species hylobinus - Acmaegenius hylobinus
Species simplex - Trichalophus simplex
Species near-arcuatus - Trichalophus near-arcuatus
Genus Triglyphulus
Tribe Anypotactini
Genus Polydacrys
Species depressifrons - Polydacrys depressifrons
Tribe Brachyderini
Genus Brachyderes
Species incanus - Grey Pine Weevil
Genus Strophosoma
Species melanogrammum - Nut Leaf Weevil
Tribe Cneorhinini
Genus Philopedon
Species plagiatum - Marram Weevil
Tribe Cyphicerini - Oriental Broad-nosed Weevils
Genus Calomycterus
Species setarius - Imported Long-horned Weevil
Subtribe Myllocerina
Genus Myllocerus
Species undecimpustulatus - Sri Lanka Weevil
Subspecies undatus - Myllocerus undecimpustulatus undatus
Genus Neoptochus
Species adspersus - Neoptochus adspersus
Subtribe Cyphicerina
Genus Cyrtepistomus
Species castaneus - Asiatic Oak Weevil
Genus Myosides
Species seriehispidus - Myosides seriehispidus
Genus Pseudoedophrys
Species hilleri - Pseudoedophrys hilleri
Tribe Dermatodini
Tribe Eudiagogini
Genus Aracanthus
Species pallidus - Aracanthus pallidus
Genus Colecerus
Species marmoratus - Colecerus marmoratus
Species dispar - Colecerus dispar
Genus Eudiagogus - Sesbania Clown Weevils
Species maryae - Eudiagogus maryae
Species pulcher - Eudiagogus pulcher
Species rosenschoeldi - Eudiagogus rosenschoeldi
Tribe Eustylini
Genus Achrastenus
Species griseus - Achrastenus griseus
Genus Brachystylus
Species microphthalmus - Brachystylus microphthalmus
Species sayi - Gray Persimmon Weevil
Genus Compsus
Species auricephalus - Golden-headed Weevil
Genus Diaprepes
Species abbreviatus - Diaprepes Root Weevil
Tribe Geonemini
Genus Barynotus
Species moerens - Barynotus moerens
Species obscurus - Ground Weevil
Genus Bradyrhynchoides
Species constrictus - Bradyrhynchoides constrictus
Genus Calyptillus
Species cryptops - Calyptillus cryptops
Genus Cryptolepidus
Species leechi - Cryptolepidus leechi
Genus Epicaerus
Species imbricatus - Imbricated Snout Beetle
Species lepidotus - Epicaerus lepidotus
Species mexicanus - Brown Leaf Notcher
Species sulcatus - Epicaerus sulcatus
Species texanus - Epicaerus texanus
Species benjamini - Epicaerus benjamini
Genus Graphorhinus
Species vadosus - Graphorhinus vadosus
Genus Lachnopus
Species floridanus - Lachnopus floridanus
Genus Omileus
Species epicaeroides - Omileus epicaeroides
Genus Stamoderes
Species uniformis - Stamoderes uniformis
Genus Stereogaster
Species globosa - Stereogaster globosa
Genus Trigonoscuta
Species cruzi - Trigonoscuta cruzi
Species miguelensis - Trigonoscuta miguelensis
Species mohawki - Trigonoscuta mohawki
Species stantoni - Trigonoscuta stantoni
Tribe Hormorini
Genus Agasphaerops
Species nigra - Lily Weevil
Genus Hormorus
Species undulatus - Lily of the Valley Weevil
Genus Lupinocolus
Species blaisdelli - Lupinocolus blaisdelli
Tribe Naupactini
Genus Artipus
Species floridanus - Little Leaf Notcher
Genus Atrichonotus
Species taeniatulus - Atrichonotus taeniatulus
Genus Ericydeus
Species lautus - Ericydeus lautus
Genus Glaphyrometopus
Species ornithodorus - Glaphyrometopus ornithodorus
Genus Mesagroicus
Species elongellus - Mesagroicus elongellus
Species hispidus - Mesagroicus hispidus
Species oblongus - Mesagroicus oblongus
Genus Naupactus - White-fringed Weevils
Species cervinus - Fuller Rose Beetle
Species leucoloma - Naupactus leucoloma
Species pallidulus - Naupactus pallidulus
Species pallidus - Naupactus pallidus
Species peregrinus - Naupactus peregrinus
Species tesselatus - Naupactus tesselatus
No Taxon leucoloma or peregrinus
Genus Phacepholis
Species candidus - Phacepholis candidus
Species obscurus - Phacepholis obscurus
Species planitiatus - Phacepholis planitiatus
Species elegans - Phacepholis elegans
Genus Platyomus
Species flexicaulis - Platyomus flexicaulis
Genus Pactorrhinus
Species grisescens - Pactorrhinus grisescens
Tribe Omiini
Genus Omias
Species saccatus - Sagebrush Weevil
Tribe Ophryastini
Genus Ophryastes
Species argentatus - Ophryastes argentatus
Species aridus - Ophryastes aridus
Species cinerascens - Ophryastes cinerascens
Species desertus - Ophryastes desertus
Species geminatus - Ophryastes geminatus
Species latirostris - Ophryastes latirostris
Species mixtus - Ophryastes mixtus
Species nivosus - Ophryastes nivosus
Species ovalis - Ophryastes ovalis
Species ovipennis - Ophryastes ovipennis
Species robustus - Ophryastes robustus
Species sordidus - Ophryastes sordidus
Species speciosus - Ophryastes speciosus
Species sulcirostris - Ophryastes sulcirostris
Species tuberosus - Ophryastes tuberosus
Species turbinatus - Ophryastes turbinatus
Species varius - Ophryastes varius
Species vittatus - Ophryastes vittatus
Genus Sapotes
Species longipilis - Sapotes longipilis
Tribe Otiorhynchini
Genus Agronus
Species carri - Agronus carri
Genus Otiorhynchus
Species carinatopunctatus - Otiorhynchus carinatopunctatus
Species crataegi - Privet Weevil
Species cribricollis - Cribrate Weevil
Species ligneus - Otiorhynchus ligneus
Species ligustici - Alfalfa Snout Beetle
Species meridionalis - Lilac Root Weevil
Species ovatus - Strawberry Root Weevil
Species porcatus - Otiorhynchus porcatus
Species raucus - Otiorhynchus raucus
Species rugosostriatus - Rough Strawberry Root Weevil
Species scaber - Otiorhynchus scaber
Species singularis - Raspberry Weevil
Species sulcatus - Black Vine Weevil
Genus Sciopithes
Species obscurus - Obscure Root Weevil
Tribe Peritelini
Genus Anchitelus
Species alboviridis - Anchitelus alboviridis
Genus Aragnomus
Species griseus - Aragnomus griseus
Genus Dysticheus
Species insignis - Dysticheus insignis
Genus Eucilinus
Species aridus - Eucilinus aridus
Genus Eucyllus
Species saesariatus - Eucyllus saesariatus
Species vagans - Eucyllus vagans
Genus Geodercodes
Species latipennis - Geodercodes latipennis
Genus Nemocestes
Species horni - Nemocestes horni
Species incomptus - Woods Weevil
Genus Orthoptochus
Species squamiger - Orthoptochus squamiger
Genus Paraptochus
Species variegatus - Paraptochus variegatus
Species setiferus - Paraptochus setiferus
Genus Peritelinus
Species oregonus - Peritelinus oregonus
Genus Peritelodes
Species obtectus - Peritelodes obtectus
Genus Peritelopsis
Species globiventris - Peritelopsis globiventris
Genus Rhypodillus
Species brevicollis - Rhypodillus brevicollis
Genus Stenoptochus
Species inconstans - Stenoptochus inconstans
Genus Stomodes
Species gyrosicollis - Stomodes gyrosicollis
Genus Thinoxenus
Species squalens - Thinoxenus squalens
Genus Thricolepis
Species inornata - Thricolepis inornata
Tribe Phyllobiini
Genus Aphrastus
Species unicolor - Aphrastus unicolor
Species taeniatus - Aphrastus taeniatus
Genus Evotus
Species naso - Evotus naso
Genus Phyllobius
Species intrusus - Arborvitae Weevil
Species oblongus - European Snout Beetle
Tribe Polydrusini
Genus Pachyrhinus - Pine Needle Weevils
Species californicus - Rusty Pineneedle Weevil
Species elegans - Pachyrhinus elegans
Species ferrugineus - Pachyrhinus ferrugineus
Genus Polydrusus
Species americanus - Polydrusus americanus
Species cervinus - Polydrusus cervinus
Species formosus - Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil
Species hassayampus - Polydrusus hassayampus
Species impressifrons - Pale Green Weevil
Species ochreus - Polydrusus ochreus
Tribe Sciaphilini
Genus Barypeithes
No Taxon suspected new introduction
Species pellucidus - Hairy Spider Weevil
Genus Brachysomus
Species echinatus - Brachysomus echinatus
Genus Mitostylus
Species elongatus - Mitostylus elongatus
Species setosus - Mitostylus setosus
Species tenuis - Mitostylus tenuis
Genus Sciaphilus
Species asperatus - Sciaphilus asperatus
Tribe Sitonini
Genus Sitona
Species aquilonius - Sitona aquilonius
Species californius - Sitona californius
Species cockerelli - Sitona cockerelli
Species cylindricollis - Sweetclover Weevil
Species hispidulus - Clover Weevil
Species lepidus - Clover Root Weevil
Species lineatus - Pea Leaf Weevil
Species lineellus - Alfalfa Weevil
Tribe Tanymecini
Genus Amotus
Species setulosus - Amotus setulosus
Genus Hadromeropsis
Species opalina - Hadromeropsis opalina
Genus Isodacrys
Species burkei - Isodacrys burkei
Genus Isodrusus
Species debilis - Isodrusus debilis
Genus Miloderoides
Species maculatus - Miloderoides maculatus
Genus Minyomerus
Species griseus - Minyomerus griseus
Species laticeps - Minyomerus laticeps
Species microps - Minyomerus microps
Genus Pachnaeus
Species azurescens - Pachnaeus azurescens
Species litus - Blue-green Citrus Root Weevil
Species opalus - Northern Citrus Root Weevil
Genus Pandeleteius
Species buchanani - Pandeleteius buchanani
Species cinereus - Pandeleteius cinereus
Species defectus - Pandeleteius defectus
Species hilaris - Pandeleteius hilaris
Species longicollis - Pandeleteius longicollis
Species nodifer - Pandeleteius nodifer
Species robustus - Pandeleteius robustus
Species rotundicollis - Pandeleteius rotundicollis
Genus Pandeleteinus
Species lucidillus - Pandeleteinus lucidillus
Species submetallicus - Pandeleteinus submetallicus
Genus Scalaventer
Species subtropicus - Scalaventer subtropicus
Genus Tanymecus
Species confusus - Tanymecus confusus
Species lacaena - Tanymecus lacaena
Species texanus - Tanymecus texanus
Genus Trigonoscutoides
Species texanus - Trigonoscutoides texanus
Tribe Thecesternini
Genus Thecesternus
Species affinis - Thecesternus affinis
Species hirsutus - Thecesternus hirsutus
Species humeralis - Thecesternus humeralis
Species maculosus - Thecesternus maculosus
Tribe Trachyphloeini
Genus Cathormiocerus
Species aristatus - Cathormiocerus aristatus
Species curvipes - Cathormiocerus curvipes
Species spinosus - Cathormiocerus spinosus
Genus Cercopedius
Species artemisiae - Cercopedius artemisiae
Genus Cercopeus
Species chrysorrhoeus - Cercopeus chrysorrhoeus
Species komareki - Cercopeus komareki
Species maspavancus - Cercopeus maspavancus
Species skelleyi - Cercopeus skelleyi
Genus Chaetechidius
Species speciosus - Chaetechidius speciosus
Genus Pseudocercopeus
Species setosus - Pseudocercopeus setosus
Genus Pseudocneorhinus
Species bifasciatus - Twobanded Japanese Weevil
Species obesus - Pseudocneorhinus obesus
Genus Romualdius
Species scaber - Crusted Root Weevil
Genus Trachyphloeosoma
Species advena - Trachyphloeosoma advena
Genus Trachyphloeus
Tribe Tropiphorini
Genus Adaleres
Species flandersi - Adaleres flandersi
Species humeralis - Adaleres humeralis
Species ovipennis - Adaleres ovipennis
Genus Anametis
Species granulata - Anametis granulata
Species subfusca - Anametis subfusca
Genus Byrsopages
Species villosus - Byrsopages villosus
Genus Cimbocera
Species pauper - Cimbocera pauper
Genus Connatichela
Species artemisiae - Connatichela artemisiae
Genus Crocidema
Species arizonica - Crocidema arizonica
Species californica - Crocidema californica
Genus Diamimus
Species subsericeus - Diamimus subsericeus
Genus Dichoxenus
Species setiger - Dichoxenus setiger
Genus Dirotognathus
Species sordidus - Dirotognathus sordidus
Genus Dyslobus
Species decoratus - Dyslobus decoratus
Species granicollis - Dyslobus granicollis
Species lecontei - Dyslobus lecontei
Species tumidus - Dyslobus tumidus
Species ursinus - Dyslobus ursinus
Species verrucifer - Dyslobus verrucifer
Genus Leptopinara
Genus Melanolemma
Species montana - Melanolemma montana
Genus Miloderes
Species nelsoni - Miloderes nelsoni
Species allredi - Miloderes allredi
Genus Orimodema
Species protracta - Orimodema protracta
Genus Panscopus
Species abruptus - Panscopus abruptus
Species bufo - Panscopus bufo
Species gemmatus - Panscopus gemmatus
Species impressus - Panscopus impressus
Species ovalis - Panscopus ovalis
Species rugicollis - Panscopus rugicollis
Genus Paracimbocera
Genus Paranametis
Species distincta - Paranametis distincta
Genus Peritaxia
Species brevipilis - Peritaxia brevipilis
Species hispida - Peritaxia hispida
Genus Phyxelis
Species carltoni - Phyxelis carltoni
Species rigidus - Phyxelis rigidus
Genus Pseudorimus
Species orbicollis - Pseudorimus orbicollis
Genus Rhigopsis
Species effracta - Rhigopsis effracta
Genus Tropiphorus
Species elevatus - Tropiphorus elevatus
Species obtusus - Tropiphorus obtusus
Species terricola - Tropiphorus terricola
Genus Vitavitus