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Photos of insects and people from the 2022 BugGuide gathering in New Mexico, July 20-24

National Moth Week was July 23-31, 2022! See moth submissions.

Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Photos of insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

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Subfamily Baridinae - Flower Weevils

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Curculionoidea - Snout and Bark Beetles
Family Curculionidae - Snout and Bark Beetles
Subfamily Baridinae - Flower Weevils

Tribe Baridini
Genus Aulacobaris
Species lepidii - Aulacobaris lepidii
Genus Aulobaris
Species anthracina - Aulobaris anthracina
Species dux - Aulobaris dux
Species naso - Aulobaris naso
Genus Baris
Species dilatata - Baris dilatata
Species futilis - Baris futilis
Species heterodoxa - Baris heterodoxa
Species interstitialis - Baris interstitialis
Species monticola - Baris monticola
Species rubripes - Baris rubripes
Species strenua - Baris strenua
Species transversa - Baris transversa
Species umbilicata - Baris umbilicata
Species striata - Baris striata
Genus Cosmobaris
Species scolopacea - Beet Petiole Borer
Genus Desmoglyptus
Species arizonicus - Desmoglyptus arizonicus
Genus Eurhinus
Species magnificus - Eurhinus magnificus
Genus Hesperobaris
Species suavis - Hesperobaris suavis
Genus Microbaris
Species galvestonica - Microbaris galvestonica
Genus Orthoris
Species crotchi - Orthoris crotchi
Genus Plesiobaris
Species aemula - Plesiobaris aemula
Species disjuncta - Plesiobaris disjuncta
Species signatipes - Plesiobaris signatipes
Species t-signum - Plesiobaris t-signum
Genus Pseudobaris
Species angusta - Pseudobaris angusta
Species farcta - Pseudobaris farcta
Species nigrina - Pseudobaris nigrina
Species pectoralis - Pseudobaris pectoralis
Species sobrina - Pseudobaris sobrina
Genus Pycnobaris
Species nigrostriata - Pycnobaris nigrostriata
Species pruinosa - Pycnobaris pruinosa
Genus Rhoptobaris
Species canescens - Rhoptobaris canescens
Species scolopax - Rhoptobaris scolopax
Genus Stenobaris
Species avicenniae - Stenobaris avicenniae
Genus Trepobaris
Species elongata - Trepobaris elongata
Genus Trichobaris
Species bridwelli - Trichobaris bridwelli
Species compacta - Trichobaris compacta
Species mucorea - Trichobaris mucorea
Species texana - Trichobaris texana
Species trinotata - Potato Stalk Borer
Tribe Madarini
Genus Ampeloglypter
Species longipennis - Ampeloglypter longipennis
Species ampelopsis - Grape Cane Girdler
Genus Glyptobaris
Species lecontei - Glyptobaris lecontei
Genus Madarellus
Species cuneatus - Madarellus cuneatus
Species inconstans - Madarellus inconstans
Species undulatus - Madarellus undulatus
Genus Myctides
Species imberbis - Myctides imberbis
Genus Odontocorynus
Species calcarifer - Odontocorynus calcarifer
Species falsus - Odontocorynus falsus
Species larvatus - Odontocorynus larvatus
Species pulverulentus - Odontocorynus pulverulentus
Species salebrosus - Odontocorynus salebrosus
Species umbellae - Odontocorynus umbellae
No Taxon umbellae or salebrosus
Genus Onychobaris
Species densa - Onychobaris densa
Species depressa - Onychobaris depressa
Species millepora - Onychobaris millepora
Species pectorosa - Onychobaris pectorosa
Species perita - Onychobaris perita
Species subtonsa - Onychobaris subtonsa
Genus Orchidophilus
Species aterrimus - Orchid Weevil
Genus Stictobaris
Species cribrata - Stictobaris cribrata
Species ornatella - Stictobaris ornatella
Tribe Apostasimerini
Genus Acentrinops
Species brevicollis - Acentrinops brevicollis
Genus Amercedes
Species subulirostris - Amercedes subulirostris
Genus Apinocis
Species blanditus - Apinocis blanditus
Species deplanatus - Apinocis deplanatus
Species limbifer - Apinocis limbifer
Species nasutus - Apinocis nasutus
Species planiusculus - Apinocis planiusculus
Species saccharidis - Apinocis saccharidis
Species subnudus - Apinocis subnudus
Genus Barilepis
Species grisea - Barilepis grisea
Genus Barilepton
Species filiforme - Barilepton filiforme
Species quadricolle - Barilepton quadricolle
Species undescribed - Barilepton undescribed
Genus Barinus
Species cribricollis - Barinus cribricollis
Species curticollis - Barinus curticollis
Species linearis - Barinus linearis
Species lutescens - Barinus lutescens
Species suffusus - Barinus suffusus
Genus Buchananius
Species striatus - Buchananius striatus
Species sulcatus - Buchananius sulcatus
Genus Calandrinus
Species grandicollis - Calandrinus grandicollis
Genus Catapastinus
Species caseyi - Catapastinus caseyi
Genus Catapastus
Species conspersus - Catapastus conspersus
Species seriatus - Catapastus seriatus
Species squamirostris - Catapastus squamirostris
Genus Centrinites
Species strigicollis - Centrinites strigicollis
Genus Centrinogyna
Species procera - Centrinogyna procera
Species hispidula - Centrinogyna hispidula
Genus Centrinopus
Species helvinus - Centrinopus helvinus
Genus Cholinobaris
Species rhomboidea - Cholinobaris rhomboidea
Genus Crostis
Species boreas - Crostis boreas
Genus Cylindridia
Species prolixa - Cylindridia prolixa
Species perexilis - Cylindridia perexilis
Genus Diorymeropsis
Species xanthoxyli - Diorymeropsis xanthoxyli
Genus Dirabius
Species rotundicollis - Dirabius rotundicollis
Species rectirostris - Dirabius rectirostris
Genus Eisonyx
Species crassipes - Eisonyx crassipes
Genus Geraeus
Species coarctatus - Geraeus coarctatus
Species modestus - Geraeus modestus
Species patagoniensis - Geraeus patagoniensis
Species penicillus - Geraeus penicillus
Species picumnus - Geraeus picumnus
Genus Haplostethops
Species ellipsoideus - Haplostethops ellipsoideus
Species gravidula - Haplostethops gravidula
Genus Idiostethus
Species dispersus - Idiostethus dispersus
Species subcalvus - Idiostethus subcalvus
Species tubulatus - Idiostethus tubulatus
Genus Linogeraeus
Species capillatus - Linogeraeus capillatus
Species crucifer - Linogeraeus crucifer
Species finitimus - Linogeraeus finitimus
Species laevirostris - Linogeraeus laevirostris
Species neglectus - Linogeraeus neglectus
Species perscitus - Linogeraeus perscitus
Species tonsilis - Linogeraeus tonsilis
Genus Macrobaris
Species aquilonia - Macrobaris aquilonia
Genus Microcholus
Species striatus - Microcholus striatus
Genus Nicentrus
Species decipiens - Nicentrus decipiens
Species lecontei - Nicentrus lecontei
Species saccharinus - Nicentrus saccharinus
Genus Oligolochus
Species bracatus - Oligolochus bracatus
Species ornatus - Oligolochus ornatus
Genus Oomorphidius
Species erasus - Oomorphidius erasus
Species laevicollis - Oomorphidius laevicollis
Genus Pachybaris
Species porosa - Pachybaris porosa
Genus Plocamus
Species echidna - Plocamus echidna
Species hispidulus - Plocamus hispidulus
Genus Pseudocentrinus
Species ochraceus - Pseudocentrinus ochraceus
Genus Sibariops
Species concinnus - Sibariops concinnus
Species confinis - Sibariops confinis
Species confusus - Sibariops confusus
Genus Stethobaris
Species cicatricosa - Stethobaris cicatricosa
Species incompta - Stethobaris incompta
Species nemesis - Stethobaris nemesis
Species ovata - Stethobaris ovata
Genus Trichodirabius
Species longulus - Trichodirabius longulus
Genus Zygobarella
Species xanthoxyli - Zygobarella xanthoxyli
Genus Zygobarinus
Species coelestinus - Zygobarinus coelestinus
Genus Zygobaris
Species nitens - Zygobaris nitens
Genus Lipancylus
Species copelatus - Lipancylus copelatus
Species cracens - Lipancylus cracens