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Whitefly? - Ceratomia catalpae

Whitefly? - Ceratomia catalpae
Nicoma Park, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA
June 29, 2005
Size: 4-5mm
Next to Catalpa caterpillar.


Moved from Otiocerus abbotii.

Anotia bonnelii and Catalpa caterpillar
Should the picture be linked to a species page? Either Anotia bonnelii (the white fly looking insect) identified by Andy Hamiliton (See original bugguide view 228846) or the Catalpa Caterpillar. I sent Andy a CD of all my hopper pictures. The picture shows the size relationship of the two bugs.

Not needed
And last I saw with the changed ID to a common insect he requested that all of the poor image be frassed entirely. At least this way the cat is saved. Maybe someone can ID it further.

Ceratomia Catalpae
The caterpillar is Ceratomia Catalpae. I practiced raising some to maturity. I have only a couple pictures of this form. Most have black tops, some have white tops with black "footprints". There is a similar picture on Bill Oehlke's website. I'm not good with linking websites to pictures, I googled it. I have a picture of a Jumping Spider with his "catch" of parasitized catalpa caterpillar, but don't know if it would be allowed since the caterpillar is dead.