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Beetle 1526 - Pentaria trifasciata

Beetle 1526 - Pentaria trifasciata
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
June 21, 2008
Size: < 6 mm
Tenebrionoidea? Found images of Orchesia and Anaspis that looked similar.

opinion of Darren A. Pollock: "prob. correctly det."

Moved from Anaspis.

Handsome scraptiid!
Nice to see.

Anaspis sensu lato. Must be IDable to sp. Orchesia don't have strigae on elytra, but may look similar indeed (and some Abdera, too)

Pentaria trifasciata?
From Downie and Arnett there doesn't seem to be any Anaspis with coloration close to this one, but the description for Pentaria trifasciata (Melsheimer) sounds like a good fit. The images from the Santa Barbara site are a little different from D&A's description in that D&A states "elytra yellow, base, tips, and broad band just behind middle, black.". This image matches, with the entire base dark.

Thank You
For both the ID and info.