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Grass Spider - Agelenopsis

Grass Spider - Agelenopsis
Chattahoochee Nat'l Rec Area, Jones Bridge, Georgia, USA
May 12, 2003

Can these be found in Massachusetts?
I was photographing a spider that looks similar to this grass spider, however I'm not sure exactly what their native regions are. Here's a picture:
The legs are, however, the only thing that seems to match up. The eye placement is more in a arch shape on the top of the head, or at least from what I could see. There was either a very short palp or none at all which leads me to believe that it was adult male, but then again I'm no expert. :P Also one of my thoughts was that it may be a wolf spider, but it was only about the size of my thumbnail. If the name of this species could be verified I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

i dont think they look simila
i dont think they look similar at all. the bottom one is much darker and much larger. google "spiders of Massachusetts" bound be something