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"The Peckham Society was founded in 1977, as an international alliance of amateur and professional naturalists or scientists with an interest in research related to the biology of salticid (jumping) spiders (Arachnida: Araneae: Salticidae). This society was named in honor of George and Elizabeth Peckham, early pioneers in the study of these remarkable animals.

The major publication of The Peckham Society is called PECKHAMIA, also in honor of George and Elizabeth Peckham".

This excellent web site has digital copies of Peckhamia and other pdf papers on salticids, as well as wonderful images and links to other sites about jumping spiders.

Fixed link -
this web site seems to be newly revised and is surely one of the best sites in the world for salticid links, papers, images, and everything else related to jumping spiders!

That's a great site
Thank you for posting it. There is something captivating about jumping spiders.