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Web spider - Metellina

Web spider - Metellina
Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada
October 3, 2008
Size: less than 1 inch, legs in
Found on clematis plant gone to seed, in Crescent Beach

Moved from Orb Weavers.

other side
do you have a pic of the back?

pic of the back
No. That wasn't feasible; it would have entailed crawling into the bush or capturing the spider, and I didn't have any collecting equipment with me.


poke it with a stick
I poke them with a flower stem until they turn the right way.

Sometimes that works. I touch
Sometimes that works. I touched a web by mistake on that bush, and the spider nearby ran up into the leaves above my head.

I really should have been carrying my collecting bottles, if only for a quick relocation for a photo shoot. But I'd come out without them this time.

Better luck next time. I hope. I'll be keeping an eye on that bush. We're down there every month or so.