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pill bug? sow bug? - Armadillidium nasatum

pill bug? sow bug? - Armadillidium nasatum
Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA
May 8, 2008
Size: 15 mm

Moved from Woodlice.

Armadillidium nasatum
ID by Ferenc Vilisics

Thank-you! ^__^
Thank-you! ^__^

Sow bug
This is probably a sow bug from the family Porcellionidae, a group known as Porcellionids. These are a type of Crustacean called an Isopod (Order Isopoda), and are referred to as woodlice. They have seven pairs of legs. Pill bugs are in the same order, but a different family (Armadillidiidae). Female sow bugs have brood pouches to carry their eggs, as do pill bugs. Your specimen may be in the genus Porcellio.
Also don't confuse these with a Pill Millipede, a type of Myriapod. Pill millipedes are in the Class Diplopoda, Order Glomerida, and Family Glomeridae. They have 15 pairs of legs and roll up into a tight ball, just like pill woodlice.
Check out
for a good explanation.

Thnaks! I hope I moved it to
Thnaks! I hope I moved it to the right place.