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tiny robber fly - Backomyia

tiny robber fly - Backomyia
Elizabeth, Colorado, USA
October 3, 2008
Size: .5 inch
Pretty sure it's a robber fly, can anyone ID species?
I think he's eating an aphid??????

To say it is one of the large group of Cyrtopogon in CO but it looks off in the face and terminal structure. Several other related western genera. Will get Dr. Fisher to take a look.

See Dr. Fisher's comment
There were no known CO species of Backomyia. So this added the genus to that state's list. B. limpidipennis was known for WY and NM so perhaps this filled in a gap for that species if it is not a completely new species.

tiny robber fly:
is Backomyia sp. (a male). This is a large genus of small-sized Asilidae that is found throughout the western U.S. Species of Backomyia typically perch on rocks or on the ground, and are active in the Fall (and Winter in warmer desert areas). Many populations of Backomyia are known, and these are thought to represent numerous undescribed species.

Thanks guys!!
Eric, I don't see Backomyia on the site. Is that a Genus? I can ask for a new page if needed.
Thank you!

Thanks guys!!