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frosted lady - Scymnus

frosted lady - Scymnus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 28, 2008
Size: ~2.2mm
I really like the contrast of light setae with the dark elytra on this one - certainly Scymnus sp.

came to UV light

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frosted lady - Scymnus frosted lady - Scymnus

it's almost TOO elongated...
Based on holding a ruler up to the screen, this beetle's length/width ratio is 60%, and I happen to have already figured out the length/width ratios of every Scymnus east of the Mississippi (it's what I do in my spare time...) and can't find anything at a 60% ratio. S. suturalis comes closest and clearly this is not that! The closest of all NAmer. LBs is S. apicanus borealis, which of course isn't an Eastern species. Hm. This critter is driving me crazy...

working hard on it...
The very elongated body shape with a mid-size triangular pronotal marking, long setae, anteriorly-converging-carinae, last three pale abdominal segments...they just aren't adding up to anything in the Mid-Atlantic! If I were looking at this without being told where it was from I'd say Scymnus paracanus linearis but its range is northwestern...

I suspect that this will turn out to be the same thing; it's from New Hampshire, which gives some idea of the range we should be looking at:

have you tried Dr. Gordon's key yet? I could either give it a try (time, time, always need more time :( , or just fill in some of blanks if you can't see required parts.

been working on it...
I even have the 1976 Scymini monograph now! (Thanks very much to the folks at the FL State Collection of Arthopods.) I'm still working my way through it, but I am definitely working hard on these elongated ones...

one more:

been ogling it for a while

it's kinda sad this rather distinctive elongate specimen is still without name... body outline is rather diagnostic among Palaearctic scymnines, as far as i remember