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tan rove - Lobrathium

tan rove - Lobrathium
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 28, 2008
Size: ~5.5mm

came to UV light

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tan rove - Lobrathium tan rove - Lobrathium

Moved from Rove Beetles.

Something from Paederinae, bu
Something from Paederinae, but I'm not sure exactly what.


Thanks Adam,

from Amer Beetles this one appears to key to Lobrathium. It's got the hind tibia with ctenidium both anterior and posterior. And then there appears to be an epipleural carina above the elytra lateral margin, although I can only see it from the epipleural 2/5 - 3/5th. From looking through some (certainly not all) of the types at the MCZ, I saw some Lobrathium with distinct complete carina and some where I can't see anything at all. The other choice (without the carina) would be Lathrobium. But they seem to be mostly dark or black.

Using Downie and Arnett, this one would appear to key to L. collare, with few other choices based simply on size and color. It does have the nice lines of punctures down both sides of the pronotum midline. But it doesn't seem to match too well with those already imaged here, so I'll leave it at the genus level for now. Corrections/suggestions welcome as always :)