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tiny black rove - Carpelimus

tiny black rove - Carpelimus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 28, 2008
Size: ~2.5mm
tiny black rove, but beyond that I can't tell. IDs and suggestions welcome :)

came to UV light

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tiny black rove - Carpelimus tiny black rove - Carpelimus


Carpelimus for sure. Do not see characters clearly.

Moved from Rove Beetles.

but not Bledius. I suspect it might be a Carpe*limus, but I´m not familiar enough with the set of genera around it.

Thank you both
keying from Am Beetles Oxytelinae, appears to be unusually straightforward:
6, not 7, visible sternum, with single broad paratergite per side, not two narrow ones = Deleasterini, with only 3 genera.

smaller, 1.5-3mm = not Deleaster
elytra from scutellum at least as long as pronotum, and not from southeastern Canada = Syntomium, not Mitosynum

From Downie and Arnett, only one species from the northeast; S. confragosum Maklin 1854. Description seems to match, but wish I had an image to confirm. Any comments / concerns?

or, perhaps I am miscounting the sternites, and there really are 7? Is the first visible one #1 or #2 on roves? If it's 7, then the key is much longer and more difficult.

I see 7 sternites on this rov
I see 7 sternites on this rove, so it's not a member of De*leasterini.



Looks like an Oxyteline to me
Looks like an Oxyteline to me, hard to tell just what one. Initially I thought Bled*ius but not sure if the pronotum is convex enough.