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Thyanta pallidovirens Male & Female - Thyanta pallidovirens - male - female

Thyanta pallidovirens Male & Female - Thyanta pallidovirens - Male Female
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, California, USA
May 22, 2005
Size: Female on left about 11 m
I thought this male and female were Western Red-Shouldered Stink Bugs, Thyanta pallidovirens,until I saw a photo of a mating pair of T. pallidovirens in Peter and Judy Haggard's Insects of the Pacific Northwest, p. 105. There, both male and female were green. Is this a case where the female may have two color forms? Or do I have the wrong identification?

Moved from Thyanta.

ID confirmed by D. B. Thomas: T. pallidovirens (Stål)

You have it right...
There is sexual dimorphism in this species, so this can be moved to the species page.

See reference here:

Thyanta, sure
they are very variable and confusing crowd