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Taking flight, with passengers - Alaus oculatus

Taking flight, with passengers - Alaus oculatus
Elachee Nature Center, Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia, USA
July 8, 2005
One of my better pics from this weekend. It's just lifting off here, and the hindwings were caught in their forward position. After it took off, I was reviewing the shot and noticed the pseudoscorpions that had been hidden beneath the wings.

It got away without a measurement.

Is there anyway to find out what species of Pseudoscorpions are found on the back of a Western Eyed Click Bettle (Alaus melanops)? I once found a large one with its back covered by them, under its wings, but have never been able to discover the species.

I just collected one
And could send it to you if you like.

this is a great one.