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Great resource for chalcidoid images, taxonomic checklists, and digitized literature. Hosted by the Natural History Museum in London. Site was authored by J.S. Noyes.

To visit the main page of the website, use the link below. To jump directly to the "search the database" portion of the site, click here.

a suggestion
general info about chalcidoids and excellent, concise, well-illustrated family outlines are at --how about using this url instead?
the problem is, the intro has a link to the DB search -- but not the other way around, so those who go directly to the DB using your url are totally unaware of the bounty of general info available

Good point.
Good point, I'll add it to the description, and give both links.

title changed?
it's 'Universal Chalcidoidea Database' now...
(i also believe that authorship is very important and would add, 'by J.S. Noyes')

Done, thank you for the tip.
Done, thank you for the tip.

much appreciated, Mark