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Spider-zilla - Myrmekiaphila - female

Spider-zilla - Myrmekiaphila - Female
Athens/ Ben Burton Park, Clarke County, Georgia, USA
August 1, 2008
Size: about 3.5 cm
I tried to coax this large spider off the path with a stick, but she (or he) was having none of that! It reared up and even lunged at the stick. Eventually, it was persuaded to relocate.

Excellent image! I'm quite confident that this is a female Wafer-lid Trapdoor Spider of the Genus Myrmekiaphila. There's a ton of these living in my area, and seeing that you're not that terribly far away (I'm in Rome, GA) it's probably safe to say that they exist in your area, too. It's also highly unusual to see a female outside of her burrow like that.

Here's an image for comparison:

Now that looks right!
Thanks for the information. I have to check out your photos. :-)

Not an ID
Check the Folding Door Spiders, like this one:

I definately see the resemblance...
... but there's no sign of the "dark, sclerotized patch" that Eric mentioned in his comment on the other image.