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Weevil - Scaphomorphus poricollis

Weevil - Scaphomorphus poricollis
Medora, Billings County, North Dakota, USA
June 14, 2000
Size: 10 mm
This specimen was swept from a willow along the Missouri River

Moved from Scaphomorphus.

Scaphomorphus poricollis (Mannerheim, 1843)
Robert Anderson det.

pls move to Scaphomorphus

Cleonidius [willow is an accident]
MCZ types available for all 5 spp. recorded from MB & SK, and C. erysimi Fall seems to be the best match

how do we treat this one?...Looks like Cleonidius is now Scaphomorphus and there is only one North American species of Cleonis listed in the American Beetles volume, C. pigra. So I assume that all others including C. erysimi has been moved over to Scaphomorphus?

yes, they are under Scaphomorphus in the guide
but Cleonis pigra has nothing to do with the bunch in question

The only type specimen that I could find in the MCZ you pointed to is Cleonus erysimi, which was in Cleonidius and it looks to me like the spellings of Cleonus and Cleonis are synonyms? Maybe I am wrong there, but if correct, then both pigra and erysimi are in the same genera and the American beetles volume is wrong, as then there would now be at least two species in the genus in North America. Thats where I am confused. Perhaps there is a taxonomy clarification somewhere I need to look at...

all you need is looking in Canada checklist
photos of all the relevant types are available [mostly under synonymized names]